Email delivery services by SMTPBOXES.COM

Who are we and what is SMTPbox?

Based in Europe,Bulgaria we have professional and educated personnel helping our customers to deliver huge amounts of Emails. We are innovative because we are the first ESP able to grant access of smtp machine to each of our customers. We've invented the SMTPbox, which is a hybrid machine that consist of dedicated processor and dedicated RAM. This full utilization of resources applies until customer's 'fast mails' are available. If the customer passes his 'fast mails' limit the processor utilization of his SMTPbox is dropped to 15%. Although at this stage he can still send unlimited amount of emails, we recommend purchasing a new plan. Network connection bandwith and hard disk space are always shared amongst all customers.

Analytics and User Interface

Apart of the delivery process we also focus on the analysing. Statistics as "Delivered","Soft bounce","Hard bounce","Open Rate" can help you determine if the email campaign was good enough and what changes can be done for the next one.

Our developers are always updating the user interface on main website and the dashboard. All statistics shown on the user profiles are analysed with the "one-by-one" technique,making it the most precise way to represent the data.

Overview and pricing

As competitive email service provider we advise you to do not rely on home-made SMTP servers or dedicated servers that are usually not designed for this purpose. Most of the time analytics are not available and if there aren't people managing your server/s for third party or other blockages,you may suffer of low email deliverability without even your knowing. This may cause huge damage to your reputation.
We can save possible headaches and help deliver messages to your subscribers the right way. Please check our pricing at our homepage: