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Got SPF, DKIM & DMARC but email still goes in SPAM ?

Oct 102021

SMTPBOXES advises you to do not hurry up to quit or try various SMTP/email marketing services and always get similar outcomes.

You need to understand the following fundamentals 

1. SPF, DKIM & DMARC are authorization mechanisms that help to deliverability but do not guarantee the INBOX rate.

2. Email Service providers (ESPs) use spam filtering engines (such as SpamAsassin) based on Subject and Email Body. With that being said you need to be good copywriter by using non-spammy words.

3. Your "FROM" email address and respectively your domain has reputation. If it is already low or there's no history of it, do not expect miracles.

4. You need to send at least 2000 emails for our AI to try help you by choosing the appropriate delivery speed, IP and user categorization.

5. If your test email got in the gmail spam folder it does not mean that it will go to the yahoo spam folder and vice versa.

6. Sending test emails frequently to same email address will always trigger the spam filter.

7. Expected open rates are between 4% up to 50% depending on your niche/audience. Make sure your open rate goals are realistic for your business.

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