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What is a SMTPBOX and how does it work ?

Feb 092021


In pretty much all web services there is some sort of reputations and statistics that are tracked from both the provider and customer.
In web hosting services for example, website reputation can be tracked from 3rd party reputation systems such as BrightCloud Threat Intelligence.

The infrastructure that you are hosted on really matters to SEO and accessibility. We all have seen the Google red warning page when trying to access a BAD website, right?
If you are in a cloud hosting full with such BAD websites, you could be facing many issues that are sometimes unresolvable.

Same scenario applies with the Email services and in this blog post we will take a closer look why an SMTPBOX is good for you and what are the benefits.


What is a SMTPBOX

SMTPBOX is a hybrid machine that consist of dedicated processor and dedicated RAM for each of our customers. This full utilization of resources applies until customer's 'fast mails' are exhausted. If the customer passes his 'fast mails' limit the processor utilization of his SMTPBOX is dropped to 15%. Although at this stage he can still send unlimited amount of emails, we recommend purchasing a new plan. Network connection bandwidth and hard disk space are always shared amongst all customers.

Good user - Good service

At SMTPBOXES this is our main rule to follow. That is why we invented the SMTPBOX - equipped with smart service that tracks our customers of how well they do and what type of emails are being sent. Collecting this information give us the chance to form user groups from which everyone will benefit !


User Groups - Transactional, Cold, Marketing 

On each 2000 email relays the SMTPBOX you're hosted on will do a calculation and decide your corresponding user group.
Keep reading to to see what are the actions taken upon falling into any of these groups.


Transactional user group

If you fall into this group, this means that you're sending transactional emails. As you already may know, these emails are sent to somebody who registered to your website, purchased your product, wants to reset his password or similar event that is very important for your prospect/customer and has to be sent within 1 minute time and not just anywhere but in the Inbox folder.
In that case you'll be most likely be equipped with Dedicated IP address with no or little history of usage. In general to keep the inbox level high you should also NOT include any promotional content into your emails. We advise you to take an Intel plan for this task, as the Intel processors are bit more responsive to email bursts.

Cold user group

Entirely dedicated to our customers that send cold emails. These emails are usually B2B and have plain text content. Of course there are some exceptions like what Lemlist is made for and have fancy images, but in general they are still B2B emails, targeted and personalized.
This group benefits shared Warmed IP address. If you really insist having dedicated IP address, this means you have to warm the IP your own and build reputation. Contact us to get one.
As these emails are usually in the 10 000 - 70 000 email relays / month range and don't require immediate delivery we advise you to take AMD Tiny or AMD Cheapy plan.

Marketing user group

According to our statistics 60% of our users fall into this group as Email Marketing has been growing very rapidly for the last couple of years.
These emails are mainly B2C and closely watched by Europe's GDPR & Canadian's CASL for recipient opt-in consent and simple opt-out procedure, while for US CAN-SPAM the requirement is opt-out option only, we strongly recommend finding a way to build list of decent subscribers instead of just blasting off marketing emails to people with no interest to them.
This group can have Dedicated or Shared IP addresses depending on the volume emails sent. Any of the plans are suitable, but keep in mind that even our fastest SMTPBOX is able to send 50 000 emails per day and delivering Millions of emails could be only negotiated with well-known members to the market.

About Shared IP addresses

There's even further grouping we have that applies to all users. If you send valuable and well prepared emails (no matter in what group you fall into) your SMTPBOX will assign good IP address/addresses for sending the emails. Logically, users that send emails which are listed from 3rd party SPAM detection solutions (such as SpamHaus) will have shared IP address with another possible spammer. That differentiation will make our "good" customers happy and "bad" customers give up or change their email practices. Of course errors always happen so if you think you fall into an undesired group, contact us and we will review.

So what are the conclusions - SMTPBOX is something you won't find elsewhere at this moment. It works for the customer and you can save tons of trouble in comparison to some other famous mass email providers that are cloud based or assign shared IPs to a cluster of customers no matter their reputation. AMD Tiny is featured at AppSumo for an annual deal with a great discount, so why would you wait and miss it ?


Authors: SMTPBOXES Team


Larry B.24 June, 2021I'm very happy with this intelligent approach. Currently in the Marketing user group and I'd say my deliverability is really good :) Nice blog !

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