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Worldwide Cold Emails with SMTPBOXES

Jan 162021


Intended for all email marketers that want to practice cold emailing with SMTPBOXES.

In the relentless COVID-19 crisis, this method for reaching new prospects starts to be the major one, especially in start-up companies.
- The lockdowns are preventing face-to-face communications, people are working from home aaand.. they have business emails.
Even for some, email is the only communication they have.
I know that you'll be probably interested in reading this, especially if you had bad experiences in other mass email service providers.

So let's quickly get up to the point.
Let's say that initially your chance to hit the inbox is 100%. Under the following circumstances this percentage will get lower depending on your email sending practice. The email sending practice is what differentiates SPAM email and Cold Email.
I hope this beautiful example of Dos and don'ts will be remembered and used.


> Sending emails to people that aren't interested to your offer (-50%)
> Has no unsubscribe option (-50%)
> Recipient has never subscribed to see your content (-50%)
> Sending your content more than once to the same person (-50%)
> Sending the emails too quickly (-50%)
> Doesn't have your business Address,Phone,Company Name at the email footer (-50%)
> Doesn't have DKIM and SPF records (-50%)
> Sending the email from low reputation server (-50%)
> Your list is with old emails that has spam traps (-50%)
> Your list is made of just one or two email providers (gmail,hotmail) (-50%)

Inbox rate is minus (-) 400% ! With this setup you will never see an email going inbox.
As you can see just one mistake could cost you 50% inbox rate!
Violating these rules violates GDPR and CAN-SPAM act.
We cannot have such customers nor any other good email service will give you the chance to do this.
This means you have to work harder in order to fulfill the Cold Email practice.
We are always ready to lend a hand and help you in case you have troubles.

Cold Email

> Sending emails to people that potentially will like you (-0%)
> Has unsubscribe option (-0%)
> Recipient has never subscribed to see your content, but has received similar offers from another services that he was subscribed for (-20%)
> Sending your content just once and asking them to opt-in if they like your offer, or just to communicate for the matter (-0%)
> Sending the emails slow (-0%)
> Has your business Address,Phone,Company Name at the email footer (-0%)
> Has DKIM and SPF records (-0%)
> Sending the email from good reputation servers such as SMTPBOXES (-0%)
> Your list is fresh and has no spam traps (-0%)
> Your list is made from various email providers (-0%)

Inbox rate is 80% ! With this setup you'll probably get the results you've hoped for. This practice complies with GDPR and CAN-SPAM act.
And of course we welcome anyone that wants to do email marketing this way and won't ever ban a single profile for following these steps.


Here I'm going to quote some important stuff found on . This should give you even more precision to comply with GDPR.

1. You should not process your cold email addressees’ personal data for longer than it’s necessary. GDPR does not specify any particular period of time. We advise removing from your lists the data of prospects who have not replied within 30 days from sending them your first message. That’s how you abide by the data storage limitation principle while sending cold emails.

- Well, all of this could be avoided by matching with "> Sending your content just once and asking them to opt-in if they like your offer, or just to communicate for the matter (-0%)".
What really matters is your new list of those who subscribed / reached you out.

2Cold emails, should look just like personal 1-on-1 emails you get from your friends and family, or specific 1-on-1 business enquiries you get from your clients and partners directly to your mailbox. Ideally, they should be plain-text emails, as simple in form as possible, including no more than just a few sentences. At the end of a cold email, your prospect should find a specific question or a request, not just a link to follow and serve themselves.

- Yes, that's correct. If you want to send a cold marketing email instead, that could also work but by bypassing the communication process and try to lead the reader directly to your sales page, you'll also have lower chances for the same prospects database.

I've compressed the information as much as possible so it could be remembered. Of course there's ton of more information and possible scenarios, but at SMTPBOXES we need just that - the basics; because we help and jump over all the traps together with our clients.

Post written by Mr Stoyanchev - Founder of SMTPBOXES
Edited by the SMTPBOXES Team

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