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Options for subscription to SMTPBOXES Blog

undefined The Good old Atom feed !
Yes, even though RSS/Atom feeds are now deprecated for use, if you are a fan you can subscribe HERE! 
This option is very suitable if you don't want us to push notify you.

undefined Push notifications !

As you probably already know browser push notifications are the most used method for updates nowadays.
You'll get the same content as in Atom feeds. To subscribe, please click HERE! 
(Note: Make sure you see "Thanks for subscribing!" message, otherwise you should try again.)

What to expect from this subscription

You would see all the new blog posts from all sources. Between 0-5 notifications per day, as we hope this amount is pretty low and won't cause any annoyances.
You can check up the "about" if you still don't know what is this blog designed for, how it works and what content to expect.
Both atom and push notifications should lead you to the permanent link (a.k.a. permalink) of the article page.