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Agile email marketing: adapt quickly and effectively

May 122021

Agile Email Marketing

If you have decided to market your business with email, it goes without saying that your marketing emails have to stand out. But you probably don’t want to spend ages creating each and every email. And that is where agile email marketing comes into play.

Not only is it important to be efficient with your time, but you must also be adaptable in today’s rapidly-changing business environment. Thanks to social media and the internet, it seems trends can shift overnight. In this post, we’ll take a look at how agile email marketing allows us to achieve these goals - and more.

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What is a SMTPBOX and how does it work ?

Feb 092021


In pretty much all web services there is some sort of reputations and statistics that are tracked from both the provider and customer.
In web hosting services for example, website reputation can be tracked from 3rd party reputation systems such as BrightCloud Threat Intelligence.

The infrastructure that you are hosted on really matters to SEO and accessibility. We all have seen the Google red warning page when trying to access a BAD website, right?
If you are in a cloud hosting full with such BAD websites, you could be facing many issues that are sometimes unresolvable.

Same scenario applies with the Email services and in this blog post we will take a closer look why an SMTPBOX is good for you and what are the benefits.

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How to create great content

Feb 082021

Create great content

The phrase “great content” frustrates the spit out of day-to-day business owners.

The struggle for creating great content is because we aren’t used to associating quantitative metrics with it. Many believe that great content is an art not science. Thankfully this isn’t true. Creating useful content is an evolutionary process guided by specific metrics.

Content marketers have many tools for creating relevancy and trust with their audience. Content can be packaged as email, video, audio podcasts, online mini-sites, downloadable PDFs, physical direct mail, and more. The challenge is creating and implementing a methodology that is versatile enough to apply to many content types. Today, I’ll use our Profitable Content Methodology to dissect what makes a “great blog post.”

Our 5-Step Profitable Content Methodology


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Nov 142020

This post is intended to describe our 2 APIs that we have at this moment (14.11.2020), and could be updated as SMTPBOXES upgrades as well.
The first API that we are going to talk about is:

FRAPI (feedback response API).

This API serves as feedback to any web application you have by providing bounce statistics from the email letters sent via SMTPBOXES simple online platform (SOP) or your web application / SMTP Client.

With the help of the following figure, we will try to explain the entire email sending and bounce handling process. It really isn't that difficult that it seems.

Figure 1

 Let's go from the START of this scheme and follow the workflow.

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Master international email etiquette with these 5 tips

Nov 132020


The world as we know it has grown increasingly smaller as we integrate technology into every interaction that we have.

Whether it be collaborating with team members, project management, or even how we exercise. The email has been one of the main technologies perpetuating this change. It makes international business and collaboration more convenient than we ever thought possible.

Doesn't matter if you are negotiating with a product supplier in Asia, setting up a meeting with your partner offices in South America, or scheduling updates with clients in Europe. Email is the glue that holds this all together and makes the process easy and efficient. Think about if we actually had to call each other! Email streamlines the process and allows us to remain connected anytime, anywhere. 

As the lingua franca of today’s business world, English is widely spoken among all business settings and most international business emails are conducted in English. That being said, you might be communicating with people for whom English is a second or third language. Mix this with different cultural nuances and that means that there’s no one size fits all approach to sending international emails. However, we’ve compiled these top 5 international email etiquette tips on how to make a good impression with all of your clients and colleagues across the globe. 

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How to work with API (essential Q&A)

Nov 102020


If you’re not a developer, but you work in tech, the term API is probably something you understand in a conversational sense. You likely know what it stands for (application programming interface), and perhaps your teams use APIs to do their job—or maybe it’s even the product itself.
Understanding the deeper principles behind APIs will help you better market, sell, or use these technologies yourself.

This post explains how APIs work, how developers build them, and how to use them (with real-world examples).

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