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Grab Totally Free SMTP plan for one month now !

Oct 072021


Yes! We are giving away free Intel SMTPBOXES monthly plans. The first 3 candidates that meet our criteria will get them.

Who can participate

- Non-profit organizations
- People that have comments on our AppSumo offer
- If you have a blog post review for SMTPBOXES on your blog

How to participate

Write a comment in here about your business and how it helps to other people. Leave a proof that you are valid participant.


Good luck to everybody!

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Best free tools for designing emails

Nov 072020

There are many things you need to remember when designing an email template. And it’s quite easy to make a silly mistake. Luckily, you don’t have to rely only on your knowledge and skills alone. There are many tools available for free that can enhance your work. It’s just a smart idea to use whatever you have available in order to create better emails faster and easier.

We have collected a few exceptional examples of products that are available for free. They are divided into two categories. The first is focused on the design and graphical parts of making an email template. The second category is all about writing, text formatting, and proofreading.

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