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Worldwide Cold Emails with SMTPBOXES

Jan 162021


Intended for all email marketers that want to practice cold emailing with SMTPBOXES.

In the relentless COVID-19 crisis, this method for reaching new prospects starts to be the major one, especially in start-up companies.
- The lockdowns are preventing face-to-face communications, people are working from home aaand.. they have business emails.
Even for some, email is the only communication they have.
I know that you'll be probably interested in reading this, especially if you had bad experiences in other mass email service providers.

So let's quickly get up to the point.
Let's say that initially your chance to hit the inbox is 100%. Under the following circumstances this percentage will get lower depending on your email sending practice. The email sending practice is what differentiates SPAM email and Cold Email.
I hope this beautiful example of Dos and don'ts will be remembered and used.

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5 Habits of Highly Successful Email Marketers

Nov 122020
trophy graphic for email marketing habits

Mark Twain once said, “Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.”

It’s easy to look at friends, coworkers, or competitors and point out their bad habits. Twain was quick to recognize the hypocrisy in that behavior. We all have room to improve, but what does it really take to find your place among the successful email marketers? Let’s focus on the good habits.

Email on Acid surveyed email marketers to find out more about how they define and measure success. We released those findings in our exclusive report, Success in the Inbox: The Keys to Effective Email Marketing. The survey also revealed some common criteria for a top-tier email marketing program.

We created the infographic below to highlight these keys to success. Keep the following concepts in mind as you launch new campaigns and elevate your team to success!

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