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SMTPBOXES has now uptime monitor - bookmark it!

Nov 072020


We decided to monitor our service with one of the best in the market -> .
During these years 2015-2020 we had 99.9% uptime in our internal statistics but we couldn't share this with you. This public service makes it possible and if you ever wanted email service that has minimal connection issues, you can rely on us. We hope we won't have any major issues even in the next 5 years. Unless an aircraft crashes in our building or something really bad happens, we will be here.

You can bookmark this link -> which should be available 24x7 so you can track how we do. If it says we are online and you can't open some of our other pages, you probably have some DNS/ISP issues.

Important - whole website maintenance in middle of December 2020

We will put brand new quality SSDs to our servers, which can take 2-3 hours time of outage.
This should speed some things surely.
Expect another quick post for this outage hours before it happens.

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