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Worldwide Cold Emails with SMTPBOXES

Jan 162021


Intended for all email marketers that want to practice cold emailing with SMTPBOXES.

In the relentless COVID-19 crisis, this method for reaching new prospects starts to be the major one, especially in start-up companies.
- The lockdowns are preventing face-to-face communications, people are working from home aaand.. they have business emails.
Even for some, email is the only communication they have.
I know that you'll be probably interested in reading this, especially if you had bad experiences in other mass email service providers.

So let's quickly get up to the point.
Let's say that initially your chance to hit the inbox is 100%. Under the following circumstances this percentage will get lower depending on your email sending practice. The email sending practice is what differentiates SPAM email and Cold Email.
I hope this beautiful example of Dos and don'ts will be remembered and used.

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Targeted Email Marketing: 4 Steps To Making it Work

Nov 092020


Email marketing, not unlike most direct marketing efforts, will only work if you put some thought behind it. Not doing so will ensure whatever time and effort you did put in is wasted.

Think about the email you’ve received today. Chances are, there were a few that missed the mark. Maybe they got your name or industry wrong or they mentioned tradeshow season in July, when for you it starts in September. Untargeted email campaigns are, unfortunately, very common.

There’s good news: targeting your email campaigns is easier than ever because of the technology available. With some assistance and a good plan you can target your emails and get a better response rate.

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Why email marketing is NOT dead - 53.71% open rate

Nov 072020

I'm constantly reading that email marketing is now not worth it, it is dead as well as controversial theories.

Legend: B2B (Business-to-Business), B2C (Business-to-Consumer), ROI (Return on Investment)

Email communication is still essential as of 2020 and it will be at least until 2040 !

As we all know everyone working in an office has an Email. That is why B2B emails have solid ground. There is no alternative so far, at least nothing professional as Email is.

B2C emails are the ones where most concern is. But as a marketer you can focus on B2B or B2C emails depending on your niche.

Consumers/Customers won't have alternative to email as well.

Why do I think like this? Well, all email pessimist are based on the fact that email exists since 1971 and because technology evolves really fast it is logical that it will be replaced by something else.
But hey... Ever received a Viber message for a product? I did !
Is that an alternative ? - Yes.
Is it good alternative ? - No! Just no way!

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