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Got SPF, DKIM & DMARC but email still goes in SPAM ?

Oct 102021

SMTPBOXES advises you to do not hurry up to quit or try various SMTP/email marketing services and always get similar outcomes.

You need to understand the following fundamentals 

1. SPF, DKIM & DMARC are authorization mechanisms that help to deliverability but do not guarantee the INBOX rate.

2. Email Service providers (ESPs) use spam filtering engines (such as SpamAsassin) based on Subject and Email Body. With that being said you need to be good copywriter by using non-spammy words.

3. Your "FROM" email address and respectively your domain has reputation. If it is already low or there's no history of it, do not expect miracles.

4. You need to send at least 2000 emails for our AI to try help you by choosing the appropriate delivery speed, IP and user categorization.

5. If your test email got in the gmail spam folder it does not mean that it will go to the yahoo spam folder and vice versa.

6. Sending test emails frequently to same email address will always trigger the spam filter.

7. Expected open rates are between 4% up to 50% depending on your niche/audience. Make sure your open rate goals are realistic for your business.

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Agile email marketing: adapt quickly and effectively

May 122021

Agile Email Marketing

If you have decided to market your business with email, it goes without saying that your marketing emails have to stand out. But you probably don’t want to spend ages creating each and every email. And that is where agile email marketing comes into play.

Not only is it important to be efficient with your time, but you must also be adaptable in today’s rapidly-changing business environment. Thanks to social media and the internet, it seems trends can shift overnight. In this post, we’ll take a look at how agile email marketing allows us to achieve these goals - and more.

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What is a SMTPBOX and how does it work ?

Feb 092021


In pretty much all web services there is some sort of reputations and statistics that are tracked from both the provider and customer.
In web hosting services for example, website reputation can be tracked from 3rd party reputation systems such as BrightCloud Threat Intelligence.

The infrastructure that you are hosted on really matters to SEO and accessibility. We all have seen the Google red warning page when trying to access a BAD website, right?
If you are in a cloud hosting full with such BAD websites, you could be facing many issues that are sometimes unresolvable.

Same scenario applies with the Email services and in this blog post we will take a closer look why an SMTPBOX is good for you and what are the benefits.

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How to create great content

Feb 082021

Create great content

The phrase “great content” frustrates the spit out of day-to-day business owners.

The struggle for creating great content is because we aren’t used to associating quantitative metrics with it. Many believe that great content is an art not science. Thankfully this isn’t true. Creating useful content is an evolutionary process guided by specific metrics.

Content marketers have many tools for creating relevancy and trust with their audience. Content can be packaged as email, video, audio podcasts, online mini-sites, downloadable PDFs, physical direct mail, and more. The challenge is creating and implementing a methodology that is versatile enough to apply to many content types. Today, I’ll use our Profitable Content Methodology to dissect what makes a “great blog post.”

Our 5-Step Profitable Content Methodology


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Worldwide Cold Emails with SMTPBOXES

Jan 162021


Intended for all email marketers that want to practice cold emailing with SMTPBOXES.

In the relentless COVID-19 crisis, this method for reaching new prospects starts to be the major one, especially in start-up companies.
- The lockdowns are preventing face-to-face communications, people are working from home aaand.. they have business emails.
Even for some, email is the only communication they have.
I know that you'll be probably interested in reading this, especially if you had bad experiences in other mass email service providers.

So let's quickly get up to the point.
Let's say that initially your chance to hit the inbox is 100%. Under the following circumstances this percentage will get lower depending on your email sending practice. The email sending practice is what differentiates SPAM email and Cold Email.
I hope this beautiful example of Dos and don'ts will be remembered and used.

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Boost Customer Engagement with ChatBots and Email Integration

Jan 042021


For more than a decade, email has been the marketing channel that delivers the highest ROI. A study from McKinsey & Company reports that email marketing can be as much as 40 times more effective at reaching target customers than social media.

At the same time, we’ve seen the emergence of Chatbots, which can be effective when people engage with your website. Forty-five percent (45%) of consumers report they prefer to use chatbots to communicate with brands when it comes to getting a quick response, while a survey by Campaign Monitor revealed email was among their most important channels to customer communications.

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