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What we do...


1. It is necessarily to modify your domain name system (DNS) in order to use our service.If you don't know how, we can do this for you for FREE!

2. We provide you with SMTP connection for your mass email client, as well as Gutuma access upon registration.

3. Periodically,we check and maintain our servers in order to serve you 98% deliverability!

Special Features:
  • SSL Connection to both SMTP and WEB servers so all of your data can be secure.
  • Semi-automatic "unsubscribe" system.
  • "One-by-one" email campaign analyzer.
  • - Deliver rate
    - Open rate
    - Server Health
    - ...and many more statistics available in our management dashboard.


We provide professional SMTP servers that work in a new way compared to other SMTP providers.
Usually there are two types of emails by means of delivery speed.Instant (transactional) and mass.
We encourage you to use our service for mass email campaigns.
Our statistics show that sending 90kb email to 30 000 subscribers takes about 24 hours using Gutuma newsletter online and even less with our android app!
We don't know how our competitors qualify in terms of time but this way we achieved 98% deliverability... And all in INBOX!

Check out this pdf to see some basic rules before sending mails.

We seek customers that have average to huge lists of REAL subscribers.

Sign up for free !

If having troubles,direct communication with us is strongly advised,as sending so many messages is serious business.

* As of 10.11.2016 SMTPBOXES doesn't allow free messages,because of mass phishing attacks made via our free profiles.

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  • With SMTPBOXES I've sent my 100k mails for 2 months without worrying much about the deadline.Other SMTP providers reset the counter just after a month..

    Fedor Maksimov

  • Just used the android app. This saved me tons of trouble as I prefer sending from my phone than 24/7 working pc.. Thanks!

    Bob Holiday

  • Service is A+ and prices are unmatched!

    AJ Hodel

  • I was using another SMTP provider and was happy.But when I was introduced to SMTPBOXES I've doubled my mail campaigns for the same price!

    Steve Idol

  • This SMTP service rocks! The idea of smtpbox is cool.

    Petar Atanasoff

  • Defenitely the cheapest and best! I've 1MB of emails in text file and seems easy to use the applications within the smtpbox.

    Jimmy Henderson

  • Keep it going! I think I will stick to this smtp service for a while.

    Bahar Rameh

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SMTP 4000 messages
$6 (you save $0)
Gutuma PlanDownload our android app to run the campaigns from your phone.

We offer up to 2 million emails but that's after consultation with us.


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